Crisis Communications Plan: Created and implemented a crisis communication plan that
included strategies and tactics used to distance the Florida Papa John’s franchisees from the
corporate crisis.

Seven assisted in re-solidifying the franchisees’ positive partnerships in their respective
communities and positioned local Papa John’s locations in a positive light.
Corporate Communications and Relationship Management with Professional Sports Team
partnerships: Created and distributed the individual franchisees holding statements and press
releases to their corporate partners Executives to include Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida Marlins,
Orlando Magic, and Miami Heat.

Played a role in working on messaging and past charity efforts to help prevent the partnerships
from dropping their contracts.

Worked with Zimmerman Ad agency on writing a commercial script that was aired on FOX
Sports in all Florida market.

Media Monitoring
Handled the media monitoring through our paid media database, to monitor all Papa John’s
Florida and national media coverage hourly. All coverage was recorded and reported to all
parties involved in order to react in a timely and effective manner to news that requires

Media coverage included; FOX, ABC, NBC, FOX Sports, Bloomberg News, Tampa Bay Times,
and more.

Ongoing Crisis Communications
During the time of monitoring, our agency reacted accordingly and worked with each Florida
franchisee to respond to the news that needed to be attended to.

Seven’s crisis communications efforts resulted in saving three, multi-million-dollar, professional
sports organizations partnerships. Our television commercials and ‘bounce back’ Ad campaigns
resulted in saving thousands of local pizza customers.